This website membership charges monthly 2500JPY:30days/2300JPY for recurring.
Your ID and PW are also valid for 30days. then it will be unvalid when you cancel your membership.
・Updates are 8-10times in a month.
 (update day will be changed in our sitiation in japanese holiday and long holiday in year end or begining)
・The past deleted galleries are rerun in premium. rerun date is not fixed.

Agreement of our policy.
You must agree with our policy before signup.
refund policy: we refund you only our system error, and multi signup, illegal creditcard.
We can't refund that your mistake signup, complaint about content, and use your creditcard by family.
copyright policy
you must agree with all movies and photos copyright of coolgalsonline. you never use/show everything
on other media/ internet against DMCA.
photosets and movies
after the successfully billing, you get a mail with file adress and PW to your signed mail adress.
Photoset: a few sizes par camera generation. from 1600pixels-4500pixels.
Movies: all zipped. please unzip yourself. HD and SD are mixed par instrement generation.
Movie play: Any Video Player to playable wmv or MP4(Full HD).
Credit Card SignUp(30days rebill)
入会決済ページへ 30days :2500JPY
After billing successfully, you get a mail with username and PW.(if you can't, please check SPAM)
If you can't get, Contact Us.

coolgals premium Premium member(hotter, sexy, fetish and past galleries).
Premium members can get hotter and pornlike gravure, and rerun past contents +2800JPY.
Oily, fetish, Tbacks etc...
You can use same ID and PW, and can cancel only premium member as you wish.
(if you cancel coolgals normal membership, your premium membership is also invalid at the same time.)
2800JPY:30days(Available all premium/past)
Cancelation only credit card customer
(you need to log on and you can cancel only premium)
The VIP: Closed Free gallery for 4months Premium rebilled member
Over 4 month members are available to get the VIP ID and PW.
please send your ID, name and mailadress to here.
it is published after the billing check.
Reget your password
You can reget your password from here. but pay attention,
We resend to your subscripted mail adress only, so if you have changed your mail adress or lost your ID too,
please ask us by e-mail.

Please cancel yourself from this form. you need your ID and PW to cancel.
so please keep your ID and PW carefully by your cancelation.
if you want to demand it to support, it may take a few days.