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We have 2 memberships standard and premium.
Standard membership: Gallery J-idol photo/HDmovie with expiration.
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Some of Our Samples(Till 2009, mixed 1600~3000pix, Curently 4500x3000pix HD Movie is HD720p 3M)
cool 4500x3000
cool 3000x2000
HDmovie 720p(Available smartphone)
movie sample 3M/16:9 started from 2002, then honestly we have a few mixed format of photo size and movie size.
These samples are one of them, actually we have 1600x1200, 2600x1733, 3000x2000, and currently 4500x3000.
movies also have SD4:3(1M) and HD16:9(2M~3M) as different rate and pixel size. filesize.
Our Videocamera and movie encoder changed a few times from 2002, then current new encoder gives higher quality by same 3Mrate.
we notify 720p but it still has full HD quality. you can play it by setting full size on your display as 1080P.
our 720p movies are available to play on your mobile phone, iphone, and ipads too.
every movie files are separated and zipped file. please unzip them before playing on your computer.
Basically movie files are formatted forwindows media player.(WMV)
If you have trouble,Please contact us.

We never refund and extend expire membership except our system trouble or server trouble.

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